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About Hillary Easom

Early in 1997, while studying education in graduate school, a friend asked me to guide him through a yoga practice following direction from a book. Intrigued, I borrowed the book and began to practice on my own. Even a short, 20-minute practice made a difference in how I felt each day, and yoga became a nice complement to running and cycling.

A couple years later I took my first "real" Iyengar-influenced yoga class. After several months of practice, I was introduced to a vinyasa class and fell in love with the dance-like, meditative movements connecting body and breath. This, to me, was grace embodied. My practice was transformed.

When I became pregnant with my first child in 2005, I started taking prenatal yoga classes with Leslie Lytle in Richmond, VA. Yoga played a huge role in two very enjoyable pregnancies and births, and it was Leslie who inspired me to eventually become a yoga teacher.

I am certified at the 500-level (sort of like a Master's in Yoga!), and I've taught thousands of hours of yoga since 2009. My continuing education has included special coursework in prenatal/postnatal yoga with Jane Austin (85 hours), yoga for the pelvic floor with Leslie Howard (20 hours), therapeutic yoga with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal (40 hours), yin yoga and meditation with Cindy Walker (30 hours), Thai yoga massage with Matece Skow (15 hours), and intensive breath-focused yoga with Max Strom (48 hours).

I still enjoy exploring different aspects of the practice; my own teaching style can best be described as a breath-centric flow with an attention to alignment and some longer-held postures to build strength, stability and stillness of mind. I also like to incorporate a bit of yoga philosophy, mantra or mudra into each class.

Combining two passions—yoga and teaching—has allowed me to embark on a journey that feels less like a job than a blessing. As you join me on this journey, we will work together in an effort to open the body, mind and spirit to all that is possible. My number one goal is that every student—regardless of age, fitness level or experience—finds something in the practice that speaks to your soul.     

P.S. My December 2017 Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) yoga retreat with The Travel Yogi exceeded everyone's expectations (including my own)! I can't wait to return for a repeat experience. In the meantime, check out my upcoming retreats in Panama (October 6-13, 2018) and Bergerac, France (June 16-23, 2019). Click here for details.